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Outsourcing your document storage: Choosing the right provider

If, following our previous article Is it time to outsource your document storage? , you have identified the need of outsourcing your paper-based document storage, you might be asking yourself: How do I know if I am choosing the right company?

Indeed, selecting the right storage supplier to your company can be overwhelming, therefore, we have identified four key points to consider before taking any decision:

1) Confidentially: Ensuring all data is protected and documents are kept private should be one of the most important priorities – if not the most important- when choosing a partner. Make sure the storage location has a strict security policy and that all the staff has received data protection training.

2) Controlled access: Retrieving document from the facilities shouldn’t be easy – to protect confidentiality. Therefore, restrictions should be in place. Ideally, requests will be received on demand, for example, online, and then their delivery schedule.

3) Files indexation and capture: Each file should be indexed at arrival, so it can be tracked and easily retrieved when needed. Normally barcodes will be used to locate the files faster.

4) Facility safety: Climate controlled vaults, fire suppression systems or CCTV with movement detectors are some of the elements to be checked when searching for a safe location.

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