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Physical hard copy storage vs digital solutions

David Johnston, UAE Client Services Manager, discusses the digital journey, and how we are making it simpler for our clients.

The UAE Government’s ‘Unified Digital Platform Policy’ aims to provide all government services from one unified platform, with the ultimate objective of digitizing all government services.

They continue to deliver many digital solutions across government enterprises by replacing paper, thus making it incredibly simple to complete the most mundane task.

There is no doubt that digitisation makes life simpler for Emirati Nationals, ex-patriates, residents & visitors to the UAE. Gradually, it will transform company process and service delivery to the wider business audience as organisations continue to move from the physical to digital.

Whilst this is key focus, however, many business’s simply do not have the funding to match the government speed of progress. Here at Crown Records Management, we are working with many sectors, including: exhibition management, legal, finance, pharmaceutical, university & educational establishments & construction related organisations to support them on their digital journey.

We’ve been providing project consultancy for those seeking to transform from hard copy storage to the more beneficial digital solutions such as Enterprise Content Management.

Our objective is always to fully understand what each of our customers’ requirements are before we can provide the solution. With multiple stakeholders such as HR, procurement, sales, and finance, the process can be time-consuming, but will result in a technology platform that delivers efficiency, compliance, collaborative working, control, and visibility.

Here are some examples of how we’ve been making it simpler as they make the transition:

Dental practice:

During several discussions, we identified that staff had to manually find often misplaced files; a growing volume of files with multiple users and taking up valuable space within the practice that has now been more efficiently used as a supply & product store room.

Implementing technology has helped share records and improve patient care within an extremely busy Dental Practice. Digitizing all the records, which reduced the time taken to find vital information, with the ability to share in real time to the other locations within the practice.

HR Function:

We also assisted a busy HR function within a large University consolidate metadata from student files. We captured 4 critical fields during the digitization process in order for the output to be uploaded to their own existing EDMS managed & maintained outside of the UAE.

In each case we carried out a Business Process Review. This enables us to offer a comprehensive analysis, suggesting best practices for improvement to the stakeholder as a precursor to discussions, reviews, and final agreements to match the requirements of both organizations; helping to make a business case for change.

Managing the “change culture” during the process of delivering efficiency, best practice and often new working practices, can be a challenge for both customer & supplier. Crown Records Management has over 56 years of experience in making the process smoother, while our extensive team of experts are always available to deliver what is right for you.

For more information about how we can support you on your digital journey, download our ‘Guide to Going Digital’ whitepaper today!

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