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Secure Destruction Q&A with David Johnston

As part of our recent secure destruction whitepaper, we sat down with Client Services Manager David Johnston to discuss all things secure destruction in the UAE! Read more now:

What’s the situation and background in the UAE when it comes to secure destruction?

We are seeing an ongoing trend of document destruction from across all sectors, which is partially driven by cost reduction exercise’s and partly due to compliance; although the latter is gaining momentum. Most organisations will not simply “dispose” of material, and will instead opt for one level or another of Certificated Document Destruction; most often through dedicated service partners.

What other new services do you offer?

We are much more in tune with specific requirements that some sectors are requesting, and will work with our Service Partners to deliver a suitable solution to meet compliance. A recent example from one of our customers, a Swiss Financial Business, proves this. They required a Triple Shred and required all waste to be consolidated into another vehicle to “mix with previously shredded material”. Excessive yes, compliant driven yes, and witness at our facility in average temperatures exceeding 35 degrees!

What happens to the paper once it has been destroyed?

This is a great question and our sources in the local market have stated that the waste gets “bundled” and is sold to paper merchants, who then sell the waste to recyclers in places such as India, Indonesia, China, or Sweden for future recycling.

How important is the secure destruction certificate you offer?

At Crown Records Management UAE, we do provide certificates for customers who often require for compliance protocols.

Our experience would suggest that not all customers are as diligent in ensuring that documents are actually shredded to levels that meet compliance, but simply happy to be able to demonstrate they had the documents shredded.

A recent inspection undertaken by our staff during a service being provided by a Service Partner highlights that the end result is not always what a customer would expect nor would it be compliant.

As part of our due diligence protocol, we recently visited a Service Provider and were horrified to see many documents had been sorted in the open air, with multiple examples of PII on view. The end result of the shred process was ½ inch horizontal shredding before the material was bundled. These documents could have been put back together if a determined person wanted to, clearly not the best way to dispose of confidential documentation or paper shredding.

What is coming over the horizon in terms of secure destruction in the UAE?

As awareness grows and costs continue to rise, we see more destruction of documents in a safe, compliant manner with certification being generated.

Environmental trends are reducing paper use, but initially this will create the need to dispose of the older material previously created.

Crown Dubai has developed programs for recycling of waste, and ‘plant-a-tree’ rewards for managing internal & customer waste more effectively.

Customers themselves are more aware of  the need to dispose, in the correct way, documents & data, albeit cost is being driven downwards to stay competitive in the document destruction arena.


Or, find out more about our Secure Destruction services here!

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