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Singaporean Insurance Company

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The client has 3 offices in the Singapore, and they had never outsourced its document storage services. The files were stored in the warehouse and managed by three in-house staffs.


Their staffs were often absent from work. All files were kept in the warehouse without proper indexing on it.  They were tracked manually by the staffs and some of the time, files can’t be located when the client goes to their offices to check the documents kept with the company.

When files were retrieved by relevant departments, they were not tracked in a system. The situation became increasingly frustrating, and all these files are live documents which the Company can’t afford to have missing.

The Solution

Crown’s proposal was to have the files stored off-site and have them managed by Crown instead of in-house. This will increase the efficiency of retrieving the right files.

We indexed the files according to the requirement of the client. All files were scanned into soft copy before sending to storage. This can be easily retrieved online if the hard copy is not required. Access to view the full inventory of the files were provided to the client, which will help the client on tracking the movement of the files. The retrieval service operates on a standard next-day basis. In addition, an urgent after-office service was also offered to the client.

This is carefully monitored by Crown, even if there is an increase on the volume of files. With this, it will improve efficiency and productivity and leave the client with a peace of mind.

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