What comes to mind when you think of data protection?

What comes to mind when you think of data protection

Do you have any concerns of leaking your business data to third parties? Crown has some tips for you and your company to get a head start for the GDPR implementation and start protecting your business data.

1. Sorting out your data

Perform a comprehensive data audit of all the data in your business. Until you know what data do you have and where are they, GDPR compliance would be impossible.

2. Inform employees about GDPR practices

GDPR is not just an issue for the IT department, companies should stress the importance of it to all employees. It is a companywide issue that all employees should take part in to business data protection. Training employees is key to avoiding data breaches and this should start immediately.

3. Data on paper is still data!

GDPR doesn’t only apply to digital data, if personal data is stored on paper in the warehouse then the regulation still applies. It may be more cost-efficient to destroy paper data which no longer needs to be kept by law. Storing it ‘just in case’ is poor protocol and could be costly. Check out our data destruction services.

4. Prioritizing areas of business that needs to be protected

What are the most important data? Which areas of the business are most at risk of a data breach? And which external threats exist? For instance areas of the business where you use a third-party or where some processes are out-sourced.

5. Begin the GDPR process ASAP!

There isn’t long until GDPR comes into force, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t time to get ready. Companies which start the process now have a better chance of compliance in the long term – and stand a better chance of an understanding approach from the authorities in the short term. 

If you need help to better understand how to keep your documents secure and ensure compliance with local or international data regulations, organize an information audit with the Crown Records Management team.