A data breach and its location location location!

A recent article in Computer Weekly, a leading provider of technology news and analysis, highlights the difference in data protection regulations between the U.S. and Europe. A data breach and its location location location!These differences mean that when a data breach occurs, the impact to a business can be very different depending on where it’s located.

Speaking about the article Philip Britton, Crown Records Management’s Group Vice President said: “While the U.S. and European legislation does have similar aims, one key difference stems from a philosophical and historical perspective: The powerful American belief in freedom of speech versus the European sense of privacy. Much of the European legislation is about protecting individuals and their rights, while the U.S. is often about avoiding costs and preventing crime, especially fraud. This subtle difference is deeply ingrained and has been exposed in recent times, for example the safe habor rules.”

He continued “The continued growth of the digitised world has produced challenges to both sets of beliefs. Over time they will increasingly borrow from each other. Until then, information professionals will need to appreciate the differences in regulations as best they can.”  

The cost of failure to comply are increasing in every jurisdiction, especially so when the new EU Data Protection Legislation comes into force in April 2018. Companies should be preparing now!

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