ARMA Metro NYC Spring Conference Recap

Preparing your data and protecting your company for what comes after GDPR & CCPA

ARMA Metro NYC Chapter Spring Conference

As a member of the New York Metro chapter of ARMA, Crown Records Management attended the March 5th  Spring Conference, as a proud multi-year sponsor. This year’s theme was Gateway to Information Governance, including speakers from the FBI, large corporations, lawyers and judges to thought leaders in records and data management. The diverse, educational programming offered something for everyone attending.

The reoccurring theme for the day revolved around GDPR and the US’s response to data privacy through CCPA and other legislation that might be coming down the pipeline for individual states. The Keynote, which featured speakers Jo Ann Davaris, Chief Privacy Officer of Mercer, Wayne Matus, GC and CCO of Safeguard GDPR and David Peach, CISO of The Economist Group was conversational and insightful, delving into the question of whether GDPR compliance is the end of or the beginning of something bigger here in the United States.

There are currently 11 states that are in varying levels of preparing legislation for consumer data protection. The question within the records management industry, especially here in the US seems to stem around what will the future bring? Will we see national regulations or will they be unified under industry standards set forth?

One thing is clear. The CCPA will become the minimum standard for consumer data protection. Every state that does business within the US will need to become compliant if they do business with individuals or entities in California. Not every business necessarily has to double down on becoming compliant with GDPR, if they don’t do business with anyone outside of the US. But, at the minimum, companies and organizations that have taken GDPR to heart are in a better place today than they were before May 2th 2018.

ARMA Metro NYC’s Spring Conference followed 4 tracks throughout the day:

  1. Legal
  2. Governance, Risk & Control
  3. Technology
  4. IG/RIM Practices

Keeping up with the ever changing laws on a state basis and global basis can get daunting. Businesses create, store and use electronic data every second of every day. The data type and volume is fluid, the question of what to do with this data has become abundantly clear that if you don’t have a retention (or destruction) plan in place you are at risk of legal repercussions. 

“Data security and data privacy was at the forefront of the conference discussions and presentations." says Michael Murphy, Crown Records Management, Business Development Manager. "The conversations I had with many of the attendees reiterated the fact people are concerned with who, where and how there records are being stored, scanned, and destructed." Data breaches seem to be the norm today. We glaze over the fact that our data has been stolen and used for who knows what almost on a monthly basis. Data breaches have the potential to significantly impact your organization’s ability to operate. Where, how and for how long you store your data is an important step into minimizing the risk for a breach.

Whether you attended the Legal or Governance, Risk & Control tracks, the messaging was clear – have a plan! Ad hoc data management and governance plans do – not – work. Creating, implementing and executing a strategic business plan will make sure that you and your business know what to do if you find yourself in the midst of data crisis.

Analyzing the global effect of GDPR

For more information on creating a unified global privacy protection governance view our newest whitepaper where we asked our experts if they foresee a truly global framework for data privacy in the future.  Download the whitepaper here.

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About ARMA Metro NYC Chapter:

The Metropolitan New York City (ARMA Metro NYC) chapter currently has over 300 members, consisting of a diverse group of Records and Information Management (RIM) and Information Governance (IG) professionals from a variety of industries, including banking, finance, insurance, pharma, media, energy, government, legal and technology. 

ARMA Metro NYC is a chapter of the parent organization, ARMA International.