Artificial intelligence has come out of the lab, claims Gartner Analyst

Artificial intelligence is needed to deal with the exponential growth in data we have seen in recent years. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come out of the lab and is ready to deliver real value to business, Gartner Analyst Ted Friedman has said. Speaking ahead of the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit he will chair next month, Ted claimed that AI, one of the conference’s hot topics, is needed to cope with the exponential growth in data we have seen in recent years. 
Ted explained, “As the transformation to digital accelerates at pace, human know-how and traditional data and analytics capabilities are no longer enough. In order to keep up and close the capability gap, we need something more. AI holds the promise of being the technology that gets us there.”
AI is not theoretical anymore, Ted stressed, as he pointed out how it was finding its way into real-life business scenarios. He gave the example of machine learning, one type of AI, which has been incorporated into the day-to-day work of many analysts. “While we’re not quite there yet,” Ted said, “the democratization of AI is on the horizon.” 
Although many horror stories have surrounded AI’s potential to make human workers redundant, Ted’s message was more positive, saying its value was not in cutting costs and replacing people. In his opinion, “The big value from AI will be in augmenting people – making people more productive, capable and effective.” 
The Gartner Data and Analytics Summit takes place between March 19 and 21 in London, U.K.. Hot topics at the conference are expected to include: data and analytics strategy, artificial intelligence and machine learning, privacy, security and the GDPR, blockchain, the Internet of Things and the role of the Chief Data Officer and Chief Analytics Officer. 
To find out more about next month’s summit, visit the Gartner website
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