Can we really claim it's green to recycle?

Recycling may be one of the "buzzwords" of the twenty-first century, but is all recycling good for the environment?Can we really claim it's green to recycle

Like other organizations in the records management industry, our clients come to us and ask us to securely destroy some of the paper we manage for them.

In this article, Philip Britton, Group Vice President of Crown Records Management, ponders whether recycling paper after secure destruction is good for the environment, and whether we should be promoting this to our clients as a "green" activity.

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What would truly benefit the planet, would be a reduction in paper overall.

At Crown Records Management we promote the use of e-billing, web ordering and e-receipts for all of our services.

Philip comments: "If I converted all my clients to e-billing, this would save approximately 12 trees per month, each year, given that an average tree produces 9,000 sheets of paper. Working together we can save hundreds of thousands of reams of paper."

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