Crown South Korea’s Golden Relay event

As part of Crown’s Golden Relay, Crown South Korea raised money with a "Roll Cake Break Sale" event. The team baked beautiful roll cakes, which they carefully packed into 50th anniversary gold boxes then sold to other companies in their office building. The care spent baking and packing was worth it as everything got sold during just one lunch time. Nicolas Perez, Seoul Country Manager said: "As the spring's cherry blossoms bloom here in Korea, we watched our cake rolls sell out in less than 20 minutes. I am moved by Korean kindness. Our team worked so well together that we will certainly be doing this event again."Crown South Korea’s Golden Relay event

The team raised an amazing US$ 500 to be donated to Wooridul School, which provides education tailored to the needs of North Korean teenage refugees who have lost the timing for education during their period of escape. Most of them lost their parents while escaping from North Korea forcing them to make a living by themselves. However, due to the lack of education, these teenagers are struggling to integrate into a new society. Most refugees risk their lives by escaping from one of the most closed countries on Earth. "We believe our 50th anniversary Golden Relay event raised not only money to provide young refugees their meals and supplies they need to study, but also their hopes. We wanted to help encourage them to survive and have successful lives," added Nicolas.