Digitization changes Chief Information Officers’ roles

Gartner survey shows CIOs taking on responsibility for business outcomes 

Chief Information Officers (CIO) responding to a Gartner survey said their roles were changing as a result of digitization. Respondents said they are now taking on more responsibility for whole-business outcomes rather than just IT-focused outcomes.

The report claims, “As digitization and innovation put more emphasis on the information rather than the technology in ‘IT’, the CIO’s role is transforming from delivery executive to business executive – from controlling costs and re-engineering processes to driving revenue and exploiting data.” 

While 93 percent of CIOs at top-performing companies said their organizations were open to the changes digitization is bringing, 48 percent of CIOs at lower-performing businesses said that digital business has created confusion and anxiety in their organization. 

The survey also reveals that, amid advancing digital technologies such as the internet of things and artificial intelligence, CIOs are concerned about finding people with the right skills. However, by far the greatest worry among respondents was cyber security; 95 percent said that they expected threats to increase and affect their business. 

Read the full Gartner report here

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