Document storage, scanning and … pandas?

Sammy Fong celebrates 20 years with Crown Records Management

Over the course of two decades with Crown Records Management, Sammy Fong has watched physical storage at the Hong Kong branch increase by over 500 percent. 
Sammy is one of our veterans, having been with Crown Records Management (CRM) since 1998. Sammy's role includes sustaining Crown's market leader position as well as ensuring the overall profitability of the division within the Greater China region (GC). Fast forward 20 years and he’s in charge of 1,000,000 square feet of space and 3,000,000 document cartons. 
The industry has come a long way in this time too, Sammy says, “There’s been a huge growth in terms of scale within storage, but we’ve also expanded our offering to include scanning, media storage and destruction.” According to Sammy, the demands of new technology are accelerating the pace of change: “We need to diversify our business to offer more variety of services to our customers.” He adds that the most interesting and challenging aspect of his role is, “understanding and satisfying the requirements of our new customers.”
Sammy’s certainly not looking backwards; he sees huge potential for Crown Records Management in China’s booming economy. “We are expanding quickly within the Chinese market,” Sammy says. “When I joined the business we only had the facility in Hong Kong, but today we have 12 warehouses throughout the country.” 
“There’s been a big increase in the number of competitors in our market,” Sammy concedes, but he remains confident that Crown Records Management will continue to thrive. Asked what he thinks makes Crown Records Management stand out, Sammy confidently states: “We have our own properties, which is an absolute plus in the eye of our customers.”
While he’s valued every client and treated every document he’s transported and stored as precious, Sammy certainly has two stand-out customers from his time at Crown. In 2007, Crown Records Management helped to move two giant pandas from their hometown province of Sichuan to Ocean Park in Hong Kong. The move saw Crown Records Management trucks specially adapted for the animals, with a crate featuring observation screens that allowed the accompanying veterinary team to feed and monitor the pandas. “Pandas are our national treasures, so it was really an honor to be involved in that particular move,” Sammy smiles.