Facilities documents often unavailable in crisis

Paper policies and information rendered useless in catastrophic incidents, says Aiim report

Paper records

According to Aiim’s study of document management in facilities and operations teams, of companies that have policies in place for catastrophes such as weather, fire and flood, 41 percent keep them in paper format, rendering them practically useless in an evacuation.

For 37 percent of respondents to Aiim’s survey, the biggest information management challenge after a catastrophe is bringing systems back online. This means that even facilities and operations management teams that have digitized crucial policy and information documents may not have access to them in the case of an emergency. According to the survey, 29 percent of businesses have uploaded facilities and operations documentation to the cloud and only 14 percent have access to them via mobile devices.

On average, a facilities team will face a catastrophe every two years and the cost of each incident could rack up an average cost of US$ 506,906. The report’s author, Bob Larrivee, Vice President and Chief Analyst of Aiim Market Intelligence, reminds us that in these situations, information has become more important than physical structures. “What matters most are the contingency plans in place for the storage and protection of records, documents and information that are foundational to facility operations. Today, information is the raw material of any facility and that facility’s information must be properly protected, insured and controlled in times of crisis.”

As well as crisis situations, the study looks at ongoing maintenance, identifying document mismanagement as the source of inefficiencies. According to the report, searching through paper drawings and manuals is a key reason why the average facilities team misses preventative maintenance at least six times per month.

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Download the full Aiim report here: Information Management for Facilities and Operations: Knowing your gaps is key to catastrophe preparedness. (©AIIM 2017 www.aiim.org / ©ARC http://www.e-arc.com)