Hurricane Harvey reminds us of the importance of Records Management

Once again Mother Nature has shown us how easyElevated racking systems in our Houston offices keeps documents safe during natural disasters it can disrupt our communities in certain regions of the country.  Recently, Hurricane Harvey was the most powerful hurricane to hit the state of Texas in 50 years, with a rebuilding cost around USD $180 billion dollars, this figure is estimated by Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Businesses in the local Houston area were overwhelmed by flooding, which is a reminder that protecting your data and records is vital for businesses to recover after the storm has subsided.  Partnering with a Records Management company can be one of the best safeguards when natural disasters occur.

Businesses impacted by flooding most likely lost office equipment including computers, telephones and other equipment, but can be replaced, but companies that housed their legacy paper records on-site, risked crucial data vital to their business being damaged or destroyed.

Crown Records Management has weathered many storms in the 25 years it has been doing business in the US.  Here are four reasons to partner with Crown for your record management needs.


Crown’s Houston warehouse is strategically located in what FEMA classifies as flood zone AE, a region with less than 1% chance of flooding.

The building sits well above sea level, but in the unlikely chance, flood waters did reach the building, 4ft. high docks protect the location from flooding. Business records are stored in catwalk-style racks on shelves elevated off the interior ground floor as added precautions and security.

With over 1.8 million cubic feet of storage capacity, Crown utilizes the latest in protection protocols, ensuring data and records are safeguarded from natural disasters, theft, vandalism and other potential threats.  Here are several ways we ensure our clients’ documents are secured and protected, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Threat Protection

  • Centralized Alarm System
  • Alarm contact doorways
  • CCTV Monitored
  • Gated storage area with keypad entry
  • Sound and motion detection
  • 24-hour off-site monitoring
  • Visitor appointments required, escorted while on premises

Fire Protection

  • Zoned sprinkler system
  • Smoke and heat detection
  • 24 hour externally monitored alarm
  • Exceeds local, state and federal standard

Data Security

  • Centralized Americas database
  • Account and function access restrictions
  • Enforced password change
  • Employee background check
  • Confidentiality agreements        

The city of Houston will inevitably experience floods once again. Crown Records Management understands the necessity of secure, accessible record management and has the experience, technology, and staff to partner with you for all your record management needs. Contact a Crown Records Management representative in Houston at 713-570-0540 or for additional information click here.