Protecting vital data against a cyberattack

Sending data off-site is an insurance against an unpredictable cyberattack.
The result of a recent major ransomware WannaCry, described as one of the worst and most wide-spread pieces of malware ever, has cost businesses billions of dollars both in damage, and because they had no digital backup. The attack has served as a good reminder that people are often the first line of defense when it comes to data security. It only takes one click on a link or a malware program download that can cause havoc with an organization’s data.
Train your teams
The increasing sophisticated attacks require well trained staff that know what threats are present in the digital world, even as they sit at their desks doing their jobs. Effective and constant training are as crucial as having good technical measures to protect organizations.
Back up now
Implementing a backup rotation to ensure your data is stored in optimum and secured conditions is crucial. If the worse does happen and data becomes inaccessible, it’s not the time to start finding out your backup strategy is inadequate. If you’re forced to go back to backed up data, it must be through a well-practiced and tested procedures. The large volumes of data now often stored in various places mean a comprehensive backup and recovery strategy is essential. 
Off-site storage
It is also worth considering your off-site storage for when physical calamities happen such as a fire or a flood. A comprehensive plan is your real insurance against instances of loss, considering full or partial recovery and even GDPR legislation impact.
How can you protect your business?
If you haven’t backed up your data, what are you waiting for? For help with your company’s data backup, speak to your local Crown Records Management team.