The paperless office debate continues

Can the paperless office be a reality?The paperless office debate continues

In a recent report by enterprise information management (EIM) provider M-Files, 77% of the 400 small businesses questioned by M-Files and the Sage Small Business Panel say they still store and manage paper records. One in five (19%) say they keep all records on a hard copy. 

As the world continues to discuss whether the paperless office is possible, Crown’s Simon Allen, Digital Services Manager, says that security is also of importance. For organizations to reduce their paper output in 2016, he says that developing a retention policy, shredding unwanted information securely, and digitizing information which is rarely used but legally needs to be kept, either off-site or in the cloud, is key. Nearly all the respondents in the M-Files survey said their business needed to keep documents securely for several years because of regulatory reasons. 

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This article was originally published by Connect IT Consultancy.