Those who can, teach

After nearly two decades in records management, Headley Campbell’s priority is passing on his intricate knowledge Headley Campbell, CRM Enfield Team Lead

Over 17 years Headley Campbell has absorbed Crown Record Management’s (CRM) intricate systems, watched technology improve and taken advantage of training. Now as Team Leader at our branch in Enfield, London, he finds that passing on his wisdom and taking care of his team is one of the most interesting parts of his role.

Managing an intricate system

Managing a warehouse containing millions of documents is no simple task, especially when you’re responsible for their constant movement in and out of the facility. Headley has a very strict process for keeping tabs on everything in his care. “On an average day, I start by  making sure the team knows what they are doing for the day. After that I get down to doing my portion of work,” he says. “I do checks and exceptions from the previous day, making sure I know about every document that has come and gone. We have to make sure we know exactly what’s moved and that the charges to the client are going through in the right way.”
The barcodes used to identify every document help to automate this process, but it still needs Headley’s meticulous oversight. He explains, “We have a system for each item that has been collected. We check to see what the operations team has scanned. If one document hasn’t turned up, the system will tell us. This helps us know what has happened between the driver collecting that item and them bringing it into the warehouse.”
In recent years, technology has helped with streamlining this process and tracking has been a game changer. Headley adds, “We have a GPS tracking system now, that’s one of the main changes I’ve seen. It really improves our service to our clients; if they call and ask where their documents are, we can look at the tracker and tell them an exact location.” 

Passing on the knowledge 

As well as watching systems and technology advance, Headley’s taken every opportunity for professional development during his time at Crown. Having started in records management as a driver 17 years ago, he now manages a whole team. He says, “I try my very best to take on whatever training is going on. I’ve completed management training and I’ve recently done my City and Guilds in IT through the company. I’ve also done a level two qualification in data software, improvement in productivity, presentation software, spreadsheets, word processing and understanding potential IT development.”
A lot of responsibilities go into being a team leader but for Headley the most important thing is passing on his wisdom. He says, “The most interesting part is the teaching, I love to teach. I teach the client how to use our system and all the staff as well. I think seeing the results at the end of it; to see people learn and understand gives me a buzz.”

Living our values

Headley’s love of teaching is just one example of his concern for his employees. He explains that one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of his role is working with a team of individuals. He says, “We are dealing with various different staff with different personalities. How to accommodate each staff member is important; you need to know how to support them.” 
Headley felt this same support from his colleagues at Crown as he cared for his wife through a fatal illness. He explains, “Crown was really flexible because I needed to look after my wife for about two years. I had whatever time I needed off to help to look after her because I was basically her main carer. My team were so good, they knew exactly what they were doing, so I was able to take the time off without worrying whether everything would be OK.”
For Headley, the care and support he’s witnessed is one of the reasons he’s been a member of the Crown team for so many years. He says, “I think Crown cares a lot about its customers and they have a real client focus. Also, it focuses on their staff. It is vitally important to understand and know how to treat staff.”