Top questions to ask when you are considering document storage

An offsite records facility provides clients with an added level of security, safety and service. Once you have decided to seek an offsite document storage provider, you will need to work closely with your provider to determine the services that are aligned with the goals of your organization. Choosing the right provider will require a comprehensive evaluation of their staff expertise, their facilities, use of technology, flexibility in service delivery and more.

Before selecting a storage provider

Today’s increase in regulations, growth of information and changing technologies make it more important than ever to properly manage your organization’s business information. An offsite records facility can help you lower your operating costs, improve employee productivity, create more value from information assets and protect your business from the risks of litigation, audit and disaster. Below are some key questions to ask of a service provider:

  • Will you provide references? 
  • Do you have trained staff and industry experts?
  • Do you understand the standards applicable to records management?
  • Do you provide the scope of services required by your company?
  • Will the contract clearly define the services, costs and other pertinent details?
  • Do you limit access to records stored at their facility to authorized persons only?
  • Can you easily access and retrieve records when needed?
  • Does the facility have a monitored security system in place?
  • Do you have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan that addresses your organizational priorities?

Crown Records Management has stored boxes on behalf of clients for many years and even in this data-led age we still look after millions across the world. To find out more information please contact your Crown representative or contact us here.