Many companies and organisations are unaware of the huge risk from data loss at what we call the “front-end”.
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To help minimise risk of any data loss, routine backups are sent off-site on either daily, weekly or monthly rotations, depending on the business needs.
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Office documents are often unnecessarily kept on-site, shut away in cupboards in no apparent order, with no retention period and are left unsecure.
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Full Information Solutions & Document Storage by Crown Records Management

Whether it’s storing your hard copy files, digital media or securely destroying your confidential paperwork, we are here to help and guide your business. We offer a wide range of products and services such as consultancy on information management policies including how to implement a records retention policy and its procedures.

With over 50 years of global experience, our industry knowledge and understanding helps to provide our clients both insight and foresight into an ever-changing business information environment.


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