A record of an organization is a most valuable asset; we term it as “corporate memory” which needs a systematic management throughout its lifecycle.
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Media Management

Like the money you save regularly, sending data off- site is an insurance against unpredictable events.

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Secure Destruction

Paper and electronic documents, messages, and records are the obvious targets.

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Full information management and document management solutions by Crown Records Management.

Crown Records Management started the Sri Lanka operations in 2013 at Colombo and provides fully integrated records management including secure document storage, management, and access services, to corporates across the country. These are supported by document scanning which converts physical documents into electronic data.

Our confidential secure destruction services are designed to destroy information whether physical or electronic. We also provide Information Management Services to help companies control the massive amounts of data that is created both physically and electronically.

Crown's new generation of facilities set the highest standards in security, safety and work-flow efficiency.

Working with the financial services, healthcare, legal, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries as well as many public sector organisations, Crown Records Management gives organisations the 'power of memory'.


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