Media Management

Like the money you save regularly, sending data off-site is an insurance against unpredictable events.

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With careful handling and processing of archived materials, being in control of information is possible.

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Information Consultancy

With the practicalities, the legalities and the risks of managing increasing quantities of corporate data.

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Welcome to Crown Records Management Thailand

Crown Records Management Thailand was established in 2007 and has since been providing management, tracking and storage of hardcopy documents, and data media scanning and imaging services.

We provide these services using secure information technology to a number of global corporates in a variety of industries such as banking, pharmaceutical, airlines, consumer goods manufacturing, industrial machinery and oil and gas.

Following a consultation, each service is a tailor-made solutions to suit each corporate’s requirements. We have the expertise to manage data in a confidential professional, auditable and accountable manner to the Crown Group and industry standards.

Our brand new storage facility located close to Bang Na – Trad KM.19, has a state-of-the-art, full biometric security system installed. It is also home to our Imaging Service Centre that provides one-stop-service for scanning and uploading data along with our secure media vault. 


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