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Joshua Rose

Position: Regional General Manager, China & Hong Kong
Direct Line: +86 21 6250 8820 (ext. 699)

Maude Meng

Position: Customer Services Manager
Direct Line: +86 21 6250 8820 (ext. 601)

About our Suzhou office

The Crown Relocations team in Suzhou is dedicated to giving you the personal care and attention needed to make your relocation a complete success.

With so much experience relocating people, we understand exactly what it means to pick up your whole life and move – across town or overseas. Across the city or around the globe, we’ll take care of all your belongings. We can even help you adjust to a new location or an unfamiliar culture.

Meet your Moving Consultant

The first person you’re likely to meet from our office is your Moving Consultant. Your Moving Consultant will conduct a detailed in-home consultation, walking you through the entire relocation process, and ensure you’ll go knowing all you need to know to enjoy your journey. Your consultant will take the time to understand all of your needs and requirements associated with your relocation and complete a survey of your home to establish what you’d like to take with you.

Call us to arrange a free in-home consultation, or request a quote for your forthcoming relocation. We look forward to helping you along on your journey!”

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Monday - Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm

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