Angelique has over 10 years of solid experience in the records management industry. She manages Crown Records Management accounts for clients in New Jersey, New York, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. With extensive industry knowledge, Angelique ensures that all our clients are advised on how they can utilize and benefit from Crown’s suite of services. She maintains the highest level of caring customer service. 

Will there be a need for records/archiving in the future?

For historical purposes, it is necessary to preserve priceless assets for our future generations. There will always be a need for this aspect. Legally, certain documents must be maintained for compliance purposes. Unless the laws change, hard copies will continue to exist. 

What is most important about off-site storage?

While there are different facets of off-site storage, some with equally high importance, security lands at the top of the list. As an account manager, my customers want to know that their physical documents/media and web-based data management are secure. My customers consists of law firms, financial firms and medical facilities. We hold personal and confidential information on their behalf. Everything from the security of our building to the background checks of our employees assure our customers that the security of their records is priority.

Is there such thing as a breach-free company?

In our growing virtual world, companies are safeguarding confidential information to the best of their ability. There are heightened security controls, authentication programs, and network protocols put into place. Still, data breaches will continue to exist. Just as the world has always had thieves, there will always be hackers and phishing scams trying to obtain valuable information. You also have to account for human error and negligence.