Crown Records Management Case Studies

In the case studies below we discuss the issues faced by a variety of clients in different industries and organizations. In some cases clients prefer not to be identified by name.

Public service, U.K.

Its storage facilities reaching capacity, and space hard to find in the City, this organization needed the flexibility of Crown’s ‘bolt on’ storage and management service. Read more

Global pharmaceuticals

Implementing a single records management policy across global locations calls for a supplier flexible enough and with sufficient experience in dealing with international locations and several vendors. Read more

Healthcare Trust, U.K.

Following the merger of four organizations, this primary care trust (PCT) needed a central system to log and track of the whereabouts of live and legacy documentation. Read more

International law firm

Unnecessary variations in service, costs, referencing systems and retrieval processes, left the firm struggling to manage its documents efficiently. The situation also meant that it had no overall control of its records, making auditing and compliance a lengthy and frustrating process. Read more


Hospital administrators have common complaints: too little space to keep everything, and too few people with too little time to go searching through all their files. It quickly becomes apparent that help is needed. Read more

Law firm, U.K.

When organizations grow through acquisition and merger things get complicated. In this case they had adopted numerous referencing systems throughout their business with no two offices recording files in the same way. It made files hard to find. Read more

Healthcare Centre, Canada

Healthcare providers the world over find managing paper documents a challenge. Partly due to the volume, but also the need for security. Crown’s network, technology and expertise provided peace of mind and an unexpected disaster recovery. Read more

Financial services, U.K.

Crown acts as the invisible partner providing the link between the staff at the Bank and their documents. All of the customer’s staff can therefore concentrate on their core activities, leaving the records management services to the experts. Read more

Professional services, U.K.

Crown provided a records management service that offered additional value, efficiencies, improvements and technology application in support this consultancy’s needs. Read more

Global bank, Africa

Mergers and acquisitions and a global perspective mean that organizations have to remain flexible in their approach to information management requirements, and the law demands it. Despite geographical boundaries and cultural differences, the risks need to be managed. Read more


ABB has more than enough factory space to store its records, but was finding it increasingly difficult to locate items from the stack. There was no one available at ABB to organize its important documents and bring some much needed efficiency to how information is used. Read more