With information management centers in some 100 locations worldwide, Crown naturally has a global perspective on corporate social responsibility.

We recognize that in the delivery of our services, we also bear a responsibility to our communities and the environment, worldwide. Our commitment to our customers is matched by a sincere and wide-ranging CSR program, supporting health, education and welfare projects as well as our continual efforts to improve the environmental performance of all our operations.

How can you be a global company and not embrace the world?

As an equal opportunities employer, we promote international and local market hiring to achieve a rich diversity across our organization.

We encourage all new staff to represent and promote our core values both internally and to the outside world.

And a healthy work-life balance is equally important. We actively promote measures to make sure that employees and their families maintain equilibrium in their lives.

We want to grow, but only if everyone wins

We know exactly how much our business impacts the environment. By adhering to ISO 14001 requirements, we measure how efficiently we’re using natural resources.

By investing in energy saving buildings and vehicles, and by educating our supply chain, we’re working hard to reduce our impact and give you a cleaner option.

We also make a big effort to have a positive impact in society

We’ve discovered that the best way to have a bigger impact is for everyone at Crown to set goals for CSR that align with Crown’s corporate objectives.

We have corporate performance targets for environmental impact, communities, and sustainability.

We track our environmental impact at our operations around the world and seek measures to improve every year. Among the many initiatives are low-energy facilities and zero-emissions vehicles.

Our global presence means we impact a lot of communities, so every office is encouraged to find ways to engage and sustain the communities in which we work. Crown teams around the world work with local schools, health initiatives and charities to make each of our cities stronger as we grow.

Together, we’ve built schools and libraries to support local and disadvantaged youth and to strengthen education in remote communities. We also partner to provide HIV and AIDS peer education.

Our CSR program has significant benefits for the business too, through reduced operating costs, and increased engagement of customers and employees.