Destination settling-in services

Prepared for performance

Experience shows that better informed assignees are more likely to adjust to the experience and make it a success earlier.

There’s a big difference between visiting a place and living there. Add in the weight of expectation that accompanies an assignment and the potential for difficulty is magnified. As a company which has grown up alongside the expansion of corporate relocations, we have learned how to increase the likelihood of success.

Preview trips are perfect preparation

Preview trips – not a vacation, more a fact finding mission.

With people on the ground in nearly 60 countries we are well placed to manage a preview trip to any destination.

All our consultants are passionate about their locations. Their local knowledge combined with a breadth of experience of helping assignees, gives them unique insight into how to get things done in their countries.

They’ll create a fully accompanied tailor-made preview trip comprising a positive, in-depth introduction to any location addressing any specific concerns and ensuring the visit is effective and objective.

This is living, for every budget

Every destination offers a wide range of accommodation styles to suit the needs, lifestyle and, let’s not forget, the housing allowance of any assignee.

We’ll impartially explain the options available advising on different residential areas, community facilities, safety and entertainment – keeping in mind the assignee’s needs and your polices.

We are prominent in local housing markets and able to negotiate favorable terms in contracts, as well as coordinate all the formalities in securing a new home.

Our property services extend to assistance with departure and help conclude a contract and exit a property with the minimum of cost, and the least effort.

Moving in and getting organized

On arrival, we offer a range of Settling-in Services to make the process of setting up a property as simple as possible during those overwhelming first days and weeks.

We’ll take care of organizing basic utilities, advising on banking, driving licences, insurance services and local registrations.

Particularly helpful for assignees with family, our settling in orientation service helps everyone get to know their new neighborhood. Similar to a preview trip, orientation additionally takes into account the many immediate questions that arrival in a new place can create.

Preparation is everything, but there will always be surprises. Your employees will need support, and we’ll be there.


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