Understand what, who and where 

To prepare for the new regulation, you need to understand what personal data your company has, how it’s used, where it’s stored and how it’s transferred, both internally and externally.
Crown Records Management’s information audit includes:
  • The creation of a personal data classification scheme (for the whole organisation)
  • Reviewing your organisation’s data protection landscape including the policies, procedures and controls currently in place
  • A business engagement, prioritised using a risk-based approach, to understand all interactions with personal data
  • A review of all locations, supported by file analytics software, to discover personal data and bring it under appropriate management
The benefits of carrying out an information audit:
  • The creation of a personal “data map” showing locations of personal data to identify high risk areas
  • Fully documented personal data flows showing movement of personal data
  • A remediation programme to deliver compliance with GDPR
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