Records Management For The Legal Industry

Shock: Compliance is not an end in itself!

It can seem like the object of records management, and yet compliance is merely a result of doing it well.

For law firms to get the most from their information – and their time – it is vastly more useful to know that information is available and accessible, as well as safe and secure.

Getting that balance right is the aim of our approach to helping you manage your information, whether they are confidential client files, employee records or other business data.

Through years of experience, we have learned how to satisfy the regulatory demands of the legal profession and to assist firms in creating a set of policies and systems that are practical. 

Our experience

Law Firm, International

Unnecessary variations in service, costs, referencing systems and retrieval processes, left the firm struggling to manage its documents efficiently. The situation also meant that it had no overall control of its records, making auditing and compliance a lengthy and frustrating process. Read more

Law Firm, UK

When organizations grow through acquisition and merger things get complicated. In this case they had adopted numerous referencing systems throughout their business with no two offices recording files in the same way. It made files hard to find. Read more