Sum Wai specializes in corporate and commercial law, and has extensive experience in advising about contracts, company, commercial and intellectual property rights laws. In her current role with Crown, Sum Wai is responsible for assisting the Group in identifying, managing and mitigating legal risks and providing legal support to the Group’s various business units and the management team.

1. Is there such thing as a breach-free company?

I do not think a breach-free company is possible. Breaches can occur because of various factors such as human errors or technical glitches. It is critical that proper procedure and adequate security requirements are put in place to minimize potential breaches. Educating employees in an organization about the confidentiality of the information being handled and the organization’s security and privacy policy are also essential.

2. Is it possible to be paperless?

These days, organizations strive towards being paperless, however in the imminent future, I do not think the paperless society will materialize. With the advent of technology, we have placed less reliance on paper, though there are still various factors where the paperless society will not occur in the foreseeable future. For example, laws that require certain documents to be in paper or an individual’s preference to have documents in paper form due to concern about the confidentiality and security of data stored electronically.

3. Is the Data Protection Law: a hindrance or help?

I think the Data Protection Law is of more help than hindrance. It plays an important role as it sets out the guidance on how an organization may use the data collected for its business purpose, how it should manage the data and how an individual may protect their right of privacy. With the increasing use of technology and the advances in technology, the Data Protection Law will be even more critical in helping to strike a balance between preserving privacy and the use of personal data.