University Hospital

December 11, 2014 through January 1, 2015 

Background and challengesUniversity Hospital

A large public hospital in New Jersey—and current Crown Records Management customer—was storing a large volume of employee files with their occupational healthcare provider. Their provider underwent an organizational change and advised the hospital that they would no longer store these files, requiring that all employee files be transferred to the hospital. The hospital did not have operational plans in place at the time to execute this change. Additionally, there was a requirement that all requests were to be scanned online, not physically delivered. The hospital’s health and information management (HIM) team was unsure which files were available from the occupational healthcare provider, which files were already being transferred to Crown and which were not accounted for. As the HIM team began receiving requests from their employees for certain documents within the files, the lack of organization resulted in requests for scanning employee files to a degree that was not necessarily needed. There was obscurity with both the lack of data and a lack of familiarity with particular documents needed within the files (that is, PPD form, health questionnaire). Crown’s challenge was to understand their hospital customer’s requirements: what was needed, why they needed it and how frequently. From those requirements, they could help them develop an operational plan that met their needs. 

The solution

The solution was to streamline the file request process so that it was more efficient and economical for the customer. Crown indexed 126 boxes, capturing data on 3,942 employee files. We did a comparison of the indexed boxes to the list that the customer stated that we should have in our possession. The comparison showed the following: 

1) Files on the original list and located in a box 

2) Files on the original list that were not located 

3) Files that were located but not on the original list 

This information provided visibility as to the employee files they had available. Additionally, these indexed files can all be accessed online through Crown’s secure online customer portal. 

The outcome

The solution provided systematic control of the employee files. The contents of the boxes are now clear and the HIM staff have more accountability over the department’s record activities. The scanning requests are consolidated and come in weekly. The HIM director and HIM assistant director are very happy with the results and are confident in Crown’s abilities to find resolutions to their HIM issues as they arise.