Wing Ng is responsible on the global account development. Her role is to support, participate and contribute effectively to ensure the highest level, account relationships to those regional clients. She also create and implement RMS Client Quality Survey (CQS) aimed at getting feedbacks from the end users globally and take corrective actions as required.

1. What is most important about off-site storage?

As part of a disaster recovery plan, off-site backups are important to minimize the chance of a disaster destroying original records. Backing up keeps records available all the time.

2. Is it possible to be paperless and will there be a need for records/archiving in the future?

Records can be kept in several formats: paper or digital (CD/DVD, hard drive, FTP or the web). Going paperless is a goal for many companies and individuals. Removing excess paper not is not only environmentally friendly, but it also eliminates much of the clutter from offices. No paper saves you space and time.

However, not everything about going paperless is beneficial. The tools to a paperless office are computer hardware and software. This means organization have to invest, monitor the system, train new users and maintain high security for the records.

Organizations tends to use both electronic and paper-based documents to manage their records by selections.

3. Does technology lead change or does a younger generation/ people?

Technology leads change. The trend is going to having mobile devices and cloud system which means it is challenges to manage that information.