Non-banking financial company



The NBFC (company A) has been a client with Crown Records Management availing physical records management services for a considerable length of time. The client which is engaged in the business of loans and advances generates a humungous volume of statutory and compliance documents which goes to their central processing centres (CPC) at two locations in India.

Crown Records Management consults the client and offers a decentralised structure to their routine process thereby unlocking efficiencies and driving process improvement for the client.



  • Two location for whole India – Chennai & Kolkata; Retail Assets Central Processing Center(RACPC) or Central Processing Center(CPC) for Retail assets.
  • Branches across India, distance between 10 to 3,000 kilometers to the CPC / RACPC.
  • RACPC/CPC staff and process structure:
  • Dedicated team of 4 to receive the files from its branches thru courier, validate and reconcile.
  • Dedicated team of 4 to extract ECS mandate, PDC cheque and duplicate key from the files received, and send them to respective stakeholders (ECS to bank, PDC to PDC service provider, duplicate key to vault storage).
  • Dedicated team of 8 to conduct a 15 point check on the authenticity of the documents received. Reconcile and resolve discrepancies to completeness interacting with branches.
  • Appointed a service partner to scan & image select documents from each of loan files, occupying five workstations of their office.
  • Select documents include; KYC documents, loan agreement, application form - guarantor & borrower, field investigation report, customer profile, CBIL score, sanction report, and disbursal summary.
  • Scanned images were uploaded on to NBFC’s DMS and files were sent to a records management services provider.

The solution


A decentralised set up of 11 Initial Document Creation & Processing Centres (IDCPCs) at Crown offices* spread across India is devised. Documents flow directly from Company A’s branches to the nearest decentralised IDCP centres for processing before storage with RMC. Each IDCPC to have:

Augmented service to Company A:

  • Files Inward Station
  • Files Processing Station
  • Quality Check Station
  • Document Scanning Station
  • Files Packing Station

Standard service to Company A:

  • Records Management Centre

Typically an IDCPC functions as follows:

  • Loan application documents are received at decentralized IDCPCs.
  • Acknowledgement is provided to Company A’s branches. Any discrepancies are quoted and resolved.
  • Documents are properly filed, barcoded uniquely with their respective loan application number and other index details.
  • PDC (cheque) and ECS mandate (A4 sized page) is removed from the file.
  • PDC is handed over to the PDC management company.
  • ECS mandate is handed over to the appointed bank of NBFC.
  • 15 point quality check is performed on each of the loan application files by IDCP team.
  • Select documents from the files are scanned and images are created for hosting in DMS.
  • Finally, documents are tagged back in the file and sent for storage in RMC



With the revamp, Company A benefited by shrugging off flab in its processes and acquired new found efficiency in the following performance parameters:

Space: reduction of nearly 22 workstations in premium business complex.

Turnaround time: travel time for file transfer to and from branches reduced to 2 working days from average 5 working days.
Timely incentive payouts: more timely incentive payouts to staff.
Timely ECS mandate submission: reduction on cut-off time for ECS initiation from 15 to 7 days.
Integrated: all management processes integrated under single service provider.
Cost benefit: savings on real-estate, human resource, planning, overheads and logistics.