Records Management and Information Consultancy

Our records management consultancy experts help solve the challenges of too much information and too many information types

Crown Records Management’s consulting teams have more than 30 years' experience in helping organizations cope with the practicalities, the legalities and the risks of managing increasing quantities of corporate data.

Understanding the challenge

Essential skills are needed to make sense of different information types and formats and create policies that add value to your organization. Employing experts in information management solution design can help you reassess the way you look at information and reduce complexity and risk.

Seeing the lifecycle

It’s vital to understand where information is created, its flow throughout the organization as active and inactive data, and its eventual destruction or long-term preservation.

Making connections

Real competitive advantage lies in your ability to devise ways of connecting different systems and media types into a corporate "brain."

Expertise can help you develop an architecture that enables you to access or interrogate information stores to extract valuable information which might otherwise go untapped. Crown’s advice on information architecture, storage and access and compliance can improve business performance.

Understanding the landscape Our information consultants will conduct a complete review of business processes to determine the “health” of information management in your organization. On the basis of a clear understanding we will design systems and controls with the aim of improving performance across a range of criteria.

Information and control successfully applying appropriate information controls across the organization will reduce costs and minimize compliance risks. We can provide advice on the process, offer best practice and unique insights from our industry experience to propose a bespoke, compliant solution.

Inventory and retention

Managed services offer cost effective and efficient ways to control the flow, access and storage of information.

We’ll make sense of all your structured data and adapt our systems for inventory capture and standardization. We’ll also create retention schedules and comprehensive audit trails to streamline information handling and offer the security of regulatory compliance.

Managing for better value and lower risk

Our approaches are designed around your needs, and come from more than 30 years' experience in information management. We help to reduce the needless proliferation of information, control costs, simplify processes and reduce exposure to risk. The range of our advice and guidance offers a real boost to organization performance.