Digital Imaging and Data Recognition Services

Digital imaging and data recognition revolutionize corporate information management

Looking into the past, is often the best way to see ahead. Scanning your documents makes them instantly available, but digitizing technology can take you further. Digitizing handwritten or printed information instantly multiplies the possibilities for using your information.

Preservation – somewhat more convenient than making a copy, an electronic record creates a master from which any number of further copies may be produced, electronic or printed.

Communication – your digitized information is immeasurably easier to share, formatted in standard file types for immediate transfer throughout your organization or to customers.

Searchable – improvements in the accuracy of software to recognize text, handwriting, and form fields have revolutionized records management, making it possible to dig ever deeper into previously inaccessible information to derive new insights.

Crown provides digital capture and conversion services and storage in a range of image formats, with flexible access and delivery options

Collection, capture and conversion

We provide a complete service, either through regular input or intake of batched volumes of documents, or scanning individual documents on demand. We will always be flexible, designing our workflow around yours.

Varying document sizes, from business cards to scaled drawings, can be captured in either color or monotone. Using high-speed scanning equipment and skilled staff, we image millions of items per day. The workflow drives efficiency and our standards maintain high quality.

Images are typically presented in multi-page TIFF or PDF, but can also be output in JPG or PCX formats with output onto CD/DVD or hard drive or ftp or the web. 

Formatting for maximum value

Digitization with character and data recognition vastly increases the possibilities for using the information contained within documents: 

OCR – captures printed text

ICR – converts handwritten documents

OMR – for tick boxes on surveys or values on invoices

Securely stored

Your scanned documents are held on scanning servers for an agreed period, and backed up by us daily onto tape to ensure availability. 

We also offer a data repository and image hosting, which can be accessed via a web browser, saving you the expense and effort of image storage or EDM software.

Legally admissible and compliant

Our output is compliant with standard codes of practice for legal admissibility and electronic storage. We can of course also arrange to hold original documents for legal, risk or commercial reasons, and ensure distribution of electronic copy wherever you need it.