Document Management Services

Document management - complete confidence with immediate availability

Trusted document management services

Crown’s management system for hard copy documents, files and cartons provides convenient access to information stored within your archive.

It also offers the security and peace of mind of knowing that all your information is held safely and can be retrieved as you need it.

Confidentially controlled

Your records are housed in dedicated records centers, constructed for the purpose. Each site operates a strict security policy, all staff are full-time, vetted, and trained in all aspects of their jobs as well as the requirements of data protection.

Secure service

Retrieving hard copy items (cartons, files or documents) couldn’t be easier. Requests can be received via our web ordering system and deliveries arranged on a schedule, or specific day service. Electronic records or copies of originals can be scanned back and sent via fax or email.

Active file management is faster and cheaper than you might think

Once you are clear on the designation of active and inactive files within your information management architecture, it is possible to operate an efficient file management system remotely.

Crown’s file management system provides convenient and efficient access to information stored within your archive. The system is easily serviced, indexing and storing files simply. All in all it makes for faster searching and successful location of the information you need.

Active file management offers improvements in productivity and response times, to make placing active filing off-site more attractive. Of course, it also saves on costly office space, and staffing.

Effective live storage

Although storage and service at the carton level may suit many archival situations, Crown offers an audit trail at the file level and a system that delivers an efficient and inexpensive way to keep those files off-site. Each file within the system is registered and stored in our centers as an individual item.

Indexing and capture

Each file is added to the archive through file level entry screens. Users insert required control data and the system captures mandatory information, ensuring integrity of the data and consistency throughout the system. Individual files are given a unique barcode and indexed onto the system via a web interface. This creates a comprehensive listing of the file for later search and retrieval.

Increased access, faster response

Files are scanned on arrival at our centers and physically stored as items in their own right, with specific shelf locations, in open file management cartons. Files managed in this way are immediately accessible – our staff can pick them quickly and retrievals are faster than conventional handling of a file from a box.

Empowering performance

To guarantee our service, we write performance measures into our agreements, which are volume and service related. This ensures delivery is constantly monitored and meets the agreed response requirements.