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A five-step plan to going digital

All organizations beginning to move to digitization are faced with the same problem. How do they capture and clean up all their existing paper and electronic records, how to securely and confidentially destroy and shred all the confidential documents. Most importantly where do they start?

Common questions are:

  • How do we determine redundant content for deletion?
  • How do we analyse millions of documents and items and apply pre-defined classification and retention to them?

The good news is this clean-up process is part of every Electronic Documents and Records Management System (EDRMS) implementation, and specially designed tools are available to make it easier and faster.

(Knowledgeone are our Asia-based strategic partners for delivering specialist software solutions to tackle digital transformation. Within Europe ELO Digital are our partners for that region.)

A five-step plan to going digital

1. Assess the records or data that exist in the business and it’s form (for instance, paper, Excel spreadsheets, legacy system records).

2. Identify what you want to capture. Is access to this record required every day, every week, every month, once a year, infrequently or never?

3. For physical data, consider whether you need to utilise the scanning and imaging service or just start digitizing paper records from day one. In most cases, the cost to back-scan many thousands of paper file folders may exceed the benefits.

4. Now decide how you want to capture it all. A variety of automated tools are available to make the capture and import process as quick as possible.

5. Choose how you want everything to appear in your new records or document management system. This is about how everything is ‘mapped’ into a new data structure.

It’s a big decision to start the digital process in the first place and businesses normally ask how long it will take, how much it will cost, whether we can integrate into their legacy systems, how disruptive the process will be to normal business and how much training will be required. The answers are different for each individual business, but modern tools make it quicker, better value for money and more intuitive than ever before.

There has never been a better time to go digital, and never a better time to be offering our clients digital solutions.

Read our full whitepaper ‘2021 Guide to Going Digital‘.

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