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Enterprise Content Management integration gets essential

Digital transformation is no longer a new, revolutionary term. Today, companies transforming themselves are no longer trendsetters, they are simply doing what they must do to survive in a modern competitive market. For well over a decade, technology has been touted as the answer to problem – be it cost, time or cooperation.

As more companies embrace digitalization, a new problem rises – massive storage of digitized content, detaches from diverse operation systems. Programs are developed and adopted for individual workflows, missing connection with others. The result? Tech-bloated organizations bursting at the seams hosting various programs.

Vendors spend a great deal of time maintaining existing processes, leaving little opportunity to work on updates. This is where Enterprise Content Management enters the picture.

What is Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?

ECM integrates different functions and programs, allowing them to communicate with each other. This gives users the ability to access and utilize data and control all the different systems from a central unit.

One of the examples is the consolidation of digital signature software into the Information management system. Before integration, one captured documents digitally after endorsing them manually. Integration allows organizations moving away from wet signature in favour of electronic signature, thus saving paper and time.

What can ECM integration do for my organization?


Capture is one of the of the most fundamental features of records management. Capture integrations allow vendors to digitize documents quickly and efficiently. Information created or stored in the organization can be captured in several ways:

  • Through Application Programming Interface (APIs). This feature allows capturing of information from other systems in the organization like the HRIS or the Accounting System.
  • By using AIML/OCR/ICR technologies to extract data from digitalized documents. This helps in converting hardcopy pages to digital documents.
  • By digitally collecting information and documents through web forms from customers, employees etc.
  • By integrating inputs from sensors for collating and collecting data like production data on an assembly line in manufacturing units.


Document Management

Regulated environments call for extensive document management tools. Most ECM tools in the market today offer basic document management services. Integrations take this a step further, allowing organizations to expand the services within the ECM system.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI allows automated processing of large volumes of scanned documents and images to enable functions such as classification, index and search. It also exerts natural language process and text analytics for analyzing content of document, website and social media posts. AI voice-based technology allows data input, search and access documents based on speech interfaces.



While reports are common in almost all organizations, analytics are what give these reports value. They help glean insights from data, allowing decision makers to formulate strategies and allocate resources for optimal results.

Integrate modern analytics tools into the ECM system keeps track on synchronized and up-to-date data, identifies crucial business processes and automates timely reporting.


Digital Signatures

Digital-signature solution becomes ever more important under the influence of pandemic. The traditional signature process involved multiple steps, not to mention physical travel. It could often be onerous for both client and vendor.

ECM systems will allow you to integrate digital signatures into the processes, saving paper and time.


Internal collaboration

Collaboration between teams is vital to the operation of any organization, especially when the organization grows in size. Collaborative tools can be integrated into the ECM system in facilitating live, instant and update communications.

Corporate content can be easily searched and tracked in one place, allowing simultaneous editing, annotations and more. Information governance will be controlled by granting accesses to confidential records.

What can Crown’s ECM do?

Crown’s ECM software allows businesses to capture, store, organise and deliver critical information to different audiences in an automated way.

This helps organization reduces both the time and costs of managing file and documents and ensures compliance with local retention policies.


Our ECM system will enable you to:

Capture documents digitally

An end-to-end solution that allows for the scanning, capture and importing content like invoices, job applications and contracts.


Store and organize documents in a digital library

It isn’t enough to capture documents digitally – storage is equally important. You can view or make edits, check categories, and organize documents within folders.


Retrieve documents, regardless of device or location

Users can quickly find any document via full-text search, specific words, dates, or users.


Automate document processes

Digitalizing and automating key business processes will help you to speed up tasks. These include, but are not limited to, recruiting and onboarding new employees, managing invoices and contracts.


Secure documents and reduce risk

Enable greater compliance via restricted access to folders, monitored system logins and outs and full audit trails on document creation. Our ECM solutions keep information secure, even if the same digital repository is being used by other teams or people.


ECM in a nutshell

ECM allows organizations to manage their documents, collaborate effectively and make decisions faster.

ECM clearly has an edge over traditional paper management methods and organizations that make the switch faster can enhance their competitiveness in the market and take their business to greater heights.

To know more about our ECM and other information management solutions, speak to our consultants at +852 2636 8388 or get in touch online.

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