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Why should you not rely too much on office shredders?

When there are few recorded documents, it is generally believed that a small office shredder can be used internally to destroy it. However, there are still risks in this way for the following reasons:

With a simple office shredder, only a small number of documents can be destroyed at a time, and it is quite easy to rebuild these documents because the number of shredders is very small. For a large number of records, it is recommended to use credible shredding services. The company will ensure that the paper is shredded into small pieces and the quantity is large enough, so that it is almost impossible for these materials to be pieced together, and your company is at risk.

Document shredding service regulations

Taking into account the risks associated with the remaining files that are about to be destroyed, the following criteria should be used as the basic standards for the destruction of record files or the service requirements of record management professionals:

1. From collection to transportation, storage and maintenance to final destruction, each management stage has safety and complete confidentiality. Ensure that safety is maintained throughout, and there is no potential for leakage. It is known that some record management professionals collect papers in security devices, only exposing all papers to the risk of unlocked, easily accessible buildings.

2. A “Destroy Certificate” clearly indicates the responsibility and confirms that the documents for which the fan is requested have actually been destroyed. The legal destruction certificate retains a complete audit trail.

3. The output of shredded paper should comply with the international standards for fancifulness specified by the Information Destruction Industry Business Association and the “National Association for Information Destruction” (NAID). In the cross-cut output, the shredded paper should not be larger than 6.3 x 1.91 cm, or in the strip shredded output, it should not be wider than 1.6 cm.

Crown’s document management ensures the safe and reliable destruction of information and complies with all legal requirements for data protection, privacy and environmental protection.

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