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We optimise your information flow, identify risky areas and provide solutions

We’ve spent almost 40 years helping organisations cope with increasing quantities of data and the increasingly complicated legal minefield around its management, retention and loss.

Understanding the challenge

Organisations today deal with a multitude of different data types and formats, and its total output of is increasing all the time.

In a legal climate where the slightest mistake in data loss is now accompanied by severe penalty have you identified which areas of your business are at most risk from data loss?

Data lifecycles

Our experts in information management can help understand where and how data is created and where it “flows” throughout its life. Aggregating all information into a data life-cycle looks at all of this holistically, exposing risk areas in the process.

Our information consultants will also conduct a complete review of all your business processes. This allows us to determine the overall health of information management within your organisation.

A new architecture to ensure compliance

The goal is to build a data management architecture that helps you manage it more securely, dispose of it more efficiently and identify potentially valuable new sources more easily.

This architecture helps to reduce costs and minimise compliance risks by building the most modern, legally compliant best practice into every process our experts examine.

Inventory and retention

Managed services offer cost effective and dependable ways to control the flow, access and storage of information.

After making sense of all your structured data, we’ll adapt our systems for inventory capture and standardisation. We’ll also create retention schedules and audit trails to streamline information handling and offer the security of regulatory compliance.

Fighting risk

Our risk consultancy services are bespoke, and depend on the size of your organisation, its inherent needs as well as the volume and type of data it is dealing with daily. Our decades of experience, and the scope of our service mean we can cater to anyone.

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