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Automate your Accounts Payable function through our AP Management solution

Organisations of all sizes and from all industries share a common opportunity: to automate their Accounts Payable functions. It is common for Accounts Payable (AP) departments to deal with a large volume of documents (unstructured data) from purchase order (PO) generation to invoice receipt and approval.

Our AP management solutions maximise the benefits of fast, efficient and precise document processing. Regardless of how documents are received (i.e. email, post, EDI, e-invoice), our solution captures, organises and delivers them, along with supporting content, to the appropriate individuals for review, approval and automated processing.

AP Management Process Flow

Benefits of implementing AP management:

  • Integrates with your existing accounting software
  • Reduces the operating cost of the process
  • Removes manual work and automates the entire process including approval
  • Improves process controls, tracking and compliance
  • Timely and accurate reporting within the accounting system
  • Receive, acknowledge, process and pay invoices on time – improving supplier relationships
  • Complements business expansion and growth
  • Avoid incurring additional overheads
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