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Automate your paper-heavy invoice process with our Accounts Receivable Management solution

Organisations with a large customer base (domestic and international), invest resources to identify remittance trails and accurately allocate all received payments to the relevant invoices. Periodic generation of the reconciliation reports and management information involves putting in tireless hours of manual effort.

Our accounts payable management solutions, with easy integration into all major financial packages and banking systems, can quickly and drastically reduce the manual process of daily cash allocation. This allows for accurate credit reports enhancing credit control.

Accounts Receivable Management Process Flow

Benefits of implementing Accounts Receivable Management

  • Real-time view of true sales ledger values
  • Clean sales ledger with no unallocated balances
  • More accurate information management and easier cash flow forecasting
  • Increasingly efficient credit management with accurate ‘debtor days’ information available at all times
  • Increased credit control efficiency – follow-up only unpaid invoices
  • Reconciliation is done on a day-to-day basis meaning a quicker and smoother month-end process
  • All banking and remittance documents are stored electronically making the audit process less arduous and reducing the amount of storage required

Our workflow management modules can help transform standard business processes and reduce turnaround times to speed-up decision making.

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