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Electronic DMS transforms e-mail based reporting process

Consultants from Crown Records Management India have significantly reduced My Home Group’s week-long, email-based reporting process into just a day by streamlining. My Home Group, which deals in construction, cement, power, consultancy and education in 20 locations across India, benefitted from Crown expertise in document management software and customized workflows.

Amarlata Chaudhary, Business Development Manager at CRM India, said: “Our consultants take the time to understand how our clients work and where efficiencies can be delivered. With My Home Group there were many physical steps in the approval chain that could be digitized and automated to save time, work and money.”

Exchanging paperwork between a network of 5,000 dealers across 170 depots meant it often took a week for reports to be signed off by My Home Group’s Managing Director. The original process included filling out physical forms, exchanging scanned copies multiple times through email for approval purposes before being entered manually into the company’s enterprise software platform. Once all these stages had been completed, the reports could finally be downloaded, consolidated and approved.

Crown spent seven days with My Home Group, learning their processes and developing a plan to streamline them. After validating their research, the team of expert Crown consultants helped My Home Group to use document management software that talks to enterprise software provided by service partner SAP. All 20 offices were integrated onto one platform and all documents related to a particular order were attached to the same workflow. This removed the need to exchange documents via email and allowed managers to track the finalization of requests in real time.

Mahendra Kulkarni, Lead Information Management Services Consultant at CRM India said: “Our solutions are custom-made. We can relieve companies of their unstructured e-mail based inefficiencies and create a tailored digital fix.”

One particular pain point that Crown helped to resolve was how to quickly calculate transport costs when fuel prices at different depo locations fluctuate on daily basis. Crown automated the process of price-checking, creating a one-click solution for My Home Group, so that invoices could be digitally calculated and generated.

Sreenivas Kothapalli, Head of IT at My Home Industries said: “The forebearance of your team is appreciated. We are happy that we got the final outputs as per our desired formats and formulas. Once again, thanks for everything.”

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