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Fortified storage solutions for your critical information

An organization in its course of business generates records which are either functional or critical. Often the functional records are retained for a specific duration of time, as governed by statutory and regulatory requirements, while critical records require a specialized storage solution to preserve them for posterity.

What are critical records?

Critical records constitute information assets which are essential for the survival and continuity of an organization. Some common examples of critical records in an organization are:

• Lease agreements
• Real estate property title deeds
• Corporate documents
• Long-term Contracts
• Capital assets
• Research & Development documents
• Legal documents

How to manage critical records?

Right storage solution makes all the difference when handling critical records. A right solution will ensure that your critical records stand the test of time by mitigating the risk due to loss and eliminating unauthorised access.

The vault storage solution from Crown features next generation safety and security protocols safeguarding your critical records. The purpose-built vault is constructed in a non-seismic zone, using strong steel structure and advanced firefighting system to protect your records from fire, theft, flooding and other catastrophic events.

Only our screened employees have access to your records inventory inside the Vault making it the best choice for storing your critical records.

What are the important features to help select the right storage solution?

It is essential that your critical information assets are safe, secure and protected against any potential threats – natural or otherwise.

The Crown Vault is located inside highly secure premises of our records centre and has been constructed to provide adamantine solidity in safety of your records. Being constructed on an elevated platform also reduces the risk arising out of flooding. A 24x7x365 electronic surveillance through IP cameras increases the protective cover for your documents while physical frisking at every entry and check point limits unauthorized access. A biometric access system is the added shield to prevent access to restricted areas within the facility.

The Crown Vault is constructed to meet the stringent standards for storing and securing your information assets to give you absolute peace of mind. The facility meets all the civil structure standards, security protocols, fire protection norms and HVAC system guidelines. It also surpasses the RBI guidelines on implementing strong services. Additionally, all the fire detection and suppression systems, HVAC systems & access control panels are internally integrated so that your documents are absolutely safe.

The Vault is an intelligently designed facility with a commissioned capacity of 40,000 cartons having scope to rapidly scale up the storage capacity based on business demands. This scalability enables the Vault to be a preferred partner for your growing business.

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