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How to store critical records?

Information is vital to organisations and an organisation in its course of business generates records – both functional and critical.

Often the functional records are retained for a specific period of time, as governed by statutory and regulatory requirements, while critical records or mission-critical documents require a specialized storage solution to preserve them for posterity.

Critical records constitute information assets that are essential for the survival and continuity of an organization. These can be lease agreements, real estate property title deeds, corporate documents, long-term contracts, legal documents, research and development documents, highly sensitive commercial information, or data that is utterly irreplaceable if lost.

How to manage critical records?

The correct storage solution makes all the difference when handling critical records. The right solution will ensure that your critical records stand the test of time by mitigating the risk of physical loss and eliminating unauthorized access.

The vault storage solution from Crown features next-generation safety and security protocols to safeguard your critical records.

The vault is constructed in a non-seismic zone, using a strong steel structure and advanced fire detection and suppression systems to protect your records from fire, theft, flooding and other catastrophic events.

Inside the vault, environmental monitoring systems regulate temperature and humidity levels to ensure that your critical records remain unaffected by the natural elements. With a 24×7 surveillance using IP cameras for real time remote access, the vault provides the highest security and safety to your records.

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