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Medical Records Management – The lifeline of an effective healthcare delivery

Information is at the heart of an effective and efficient healthcare delivery. Provision of healthcare to a patient is hinged critically on the communication of information – be it to their family, health professional or the hospitals. The aim of incorporating an effective and streamlined information management system in a medical organisation ensures that the right information is available and accessible to the right person in an authenticated, secure and accurate manner. It goes without saying that a robust information management system implemented by a medical organisation supports the very basis of its existence – delivery of quality care and service.

An efficacious information management system (IMS) is able to capture, store, process and retrieve information bits as and when required. There are some guidelines enunciating the standards to which information management within medical organisations should comply to – varying and progressing with increasing adherence to efficient information management procedures ranging from IMS 7 to IMS 1. These guidelines are put into effect by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers (NABH) – which is a constituent board of the Quality Council of India.

The summary of standards for information management system is as follows*:

Standards Description
IMS 1 Documented policies and procedures exist to meet the information needs of the care providers, management of the organisation as well as other agencies that require data and information from the organisation
IMS 2 The organisation has processes in place for effective control and management of data.
IMS 3 The organisation has a complete and accurate medical record for every patient
IMS 4 The medical records reflect continuity of care.
IMS 5 Documented policies and procedures are in place for maintaining confidentiality, integrity and security of records, data and information.
IMS 6 Documented policies and procedures exist for retention time of records, data and information.
IMS 7 The organisation regularly carries out review of medical records

Through the various stages of your information journey – from heralding on the information management path to the quest of attaining an effective IMS in place, Crown Records Management is well placed to guide you through the journey. We provide secure archiving and retrieval of information in physical and electronic format, as well as digital imaging, media management and data destruction. Crown’s new generation records centres set the highest standards in security, safety and work-flow efficiency.

Working with some of the biggest names in healthcare services, Crown Records Management gives organisations the ‘power of memory’.

*The standards as summarised by NABH documents.

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