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Re-set your error prone and costly manual mail-sorting process through our Digital Mailroom solution

Communication is the most critical element of any business. For many organizations, the mailroom is a hub of all incoming business documents. Regardless of the format, all documents pass through the same system to be scanned (if paper), classified, sorted and distributed to the appropriate destination.

Mailroom services are designed to work hand-in-hand with our digital solutions; ensuring the greatest productivity from your people and processes, customized to your needs. Our services include mail sorting, rapid deployment, reduced paper, document formatting, easy sharing and storage and retrieval.

Digital Mailroom Process Flow

Benefits of implementing a digital mailroom:

  • Lower operational costs due to outsourced/offshore model
  • Reduced response time due to instant and correct distribution of each document
  • Complements business expansion and growth and avoids incurring additional overheads
  • Eliminate document loss and achieve greater control of all incoming documents
  • Minimal distribution of physical mail tailored to your digital workplace
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