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Workforce Management System (Genio)

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‘Return to work’ is the term doing rounds in the corporate boardrooms these days as organisations are busy evolving practices and strategies to get back on their feet and avoid infection. With the economy stuttering, phased removal of the lockdown is on the cards. People-intensive operations like manufacturing and construction have real challenges to address and overcome this as factory and office gates re-open.

Work life in the new ‘normal’ would involve effective workforce tracking and implementing social distancing controls to ensure safe working for their employees.

Business challenges

The imminent challenges that loom large over corporations are:

  • Tracking workforce in the operational area – The task of ensuring that the employees and contractors are at their designated locations always is at present a supervision challenge
  • Safety & security – Employee safety is of utmost concern and most accidents occur when they tread in locations where they are not authorized. Real-time updates on such ‘trespassing’ is key to optimal staff safety.
  • Social distancing – Social Distancing is the new norm. But supervising social distancing norms in an office, workplace, common areas such as cafeteria and conference rooms is cumbersome.
  • Health & hygiene – Monitoring employees for regular and frequent hand washes at relevant intervals is difficult and in the absence of keeping a check on this, an organisation can run a high risk of infection among employees.
  • Temperature scanning & recording – Routine temperature scanning is performed at all entry points in an office or workspace but recording of the readings against each employee is ideal from a control perspective. In the absence of recording individual temperature readings, the entire process of reporting for regulatory purposes is defeated.
  • Attendance billing & payroll – Capturing a ‘real-time’ all-day attendance is currently beyond bounds in most workplace. Creating payroll for employees and reviewing billing for contract employees is an arduous task every month.

Do these challenges ring true for your organisation too? If yes, we have an innovative solution to bid these challenges adieu. Not only will the solution help address the challenges emerging from the current Covid 19 pandemic outbreak and calibrate your response to it but will also aid in tracking employee productivity through Real-time Location Systems (RTLS).

Solutions through GENIO

Genio is a smart ID card-based solution which takes care of real-time tracking of employees and related compliance checking, in order to ensure your organisation delivers value amidst the challenges posed in the wake of the pandemic outbreak. The smart ID cards are designed to help businesses monitor real-time situations on the floor and ensure productivity as well as safety of the workforce.

  • Contactless Attendance & Payroll – Contactless, paperless and accurate attendance management (time in/out) of all employees during entry and exit.
  • Real-time monitoring – Trace employee movements and presence in their designated work areas in real-time
  • Incident reporting and resolution – In the event of an incident such as overcrowding in a single location violating social distancing norms, the total count of employees their identity and last locations can be traced.
  • Contact Tracing – In case an employee tests COVID-19 positive, tracing other employees who had come in contact him / her in last 14 days and the areas visited by the individual can be fetched in minutes.
  • Social Distancing – The solution has a feature to raise an alarm when two or more employees come close to each other and remain so for more than a minute, thereby helping maintain social distancing practices.
  • Tracking employee health & hygiene – Keep track of employees’ health data, body temperature recordings and washing of hands etc.
  • Ensure productivity – Live monitoring of employees’ movements, their idle time and presence in their designated work areas or departments keeps a track on workforce productivity.
  • Rapid emergency evacuation – In an emergency, exactly locate trapped personnel inside the premise which makes the whole evacuation process seamless. The hyper decision solution will provide all the required details in few clicks without any need to run manual reports or roll calls.
  • Event reporting and notification – In case of a breach of business protocol, incident(s) are reported and notified through emails / buzzers / visual displays / phone calls.

Features of GENIO Smart ID card

  • Safety & Security – The employee Bluetooth tag will help keep a track on the time spent inside the licensed area and sound an alarm if an individual enters a restricted or unauthorised zone, all in real-time
  • SOS button – The Bluetooth tag will allow an employee to send out an SOS signal in the event of an incident or breach observed
  • Time Tracking – The tag will automatically record the in and out time obliterating the need for a manual attendance register
  • Body Sensor – The body sensor attached to the ID card senses the proximity of the card to the employee and will send out warnings if taken off
  • Rugged – The battery of the is IP 65 card is rated for being waterproof and is built to last 24 to 30 months.
  • Made Safe – The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) mark is a certification mark deployed on wireless electronic products sold in any part of the world excluding Europe and which certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is under the limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission

Advantages of GENIO

The GENIO dashboard allows for easy analysis and interpretation of the data points collected by the Smart ID cards making workforce management easier:

  • Accelerate decision making – The sensors process real-time IoT data and perform decision making using on-board machine learning engine
  • Manage incidents real-time – Upon rules being breached get automatic alerts on incidents
  • Achieve increased productivity – Through real time employee tracking, get more from your human resource
  • Gain control – Instantly check the number of people on active duty all day and at any time. This can be used for payroll and billing
  • Made to order – Configure relays, gateways and the web application structure to suit your requirement
  • Easy to implement – Supporting easy adoption of the system in three easy steps. a). virtual survey b). configure & install c). Over the Air activation (OTA)
  • Analyse and improve – Our deep learning system will analyse the data to help improve the system and add intelligence to the application.
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