Information is vital to each organization’s success. The art of managing and retrieving records on time is crucial to the well-being and smooth running of today’s business.

Records progress through a life cycle: records creation, distribution, storage and maintenance, retrieval, retention, disposal and archival preservation. Crown Records Management China helps you organize and manage your business information at every step of its life cycle. We will provide complete records management systems offering instant access to your documents whenever you need them.

Document management system

Crown’s Document management system stores hard-copy documents, files and cartons providing convenient access to your company information. This system uses efficient classification and cataloguing enabling electronic or physical retrieval on-demand.

Web-based solution

Our web-based solution enables authorized users to access, create, search, order, retrieve and edit inventory via a web browser. We keep it secure and confidentially controlled.

Each China site operates a strict security policy where all staff are vetted and fully trained. Access is only permitted for retrieving hard copy items or electronic records.