Online Document Access & IT Integration

IT Integration of all your stored information through simple to use websites

Crown Records Management China bridges the gap between your systems and your records. By using RMbridge, a cloud-based management system, we create better connections between your file room and our records interface systems..

RMbridge synchronizes the records center with your file room systems. The result of the systems integration provides virtually real-time inventory updates, online orders and a global view of records from a multitude of data sources.

Having a single records management system reduces administrative effort. It also creates a common structure for recording information about records and reduces errors.

Data is secure and encrypted on the host servers and in transfer. Links to your system and ours are managed in the cloud – in this instance, a secure, stable, 24-7 managed data center.

Through Crown’s secure web portal – RMweb, you can have ultimate control over your information: manage account access, powerful file search, validated inventory management, online ordering and electronic delivery. RMweb makes your document management easier, more convenient and accessible.