Media management - backup, storage, retrieval and business continuity

When it comes to data, accidents do happen that are beyond your control. We understand how valuable your data is, and will provide tailor-made solution to help protect against unpredictable events.

  • Your data is stored in our climate controlled media room with temperature and humidity control
  • Our highly secure media centers are guard protected 24/7 and maintain strict permission access that is limited to authorized staff, all under the surveillance of CCTV
  • Our service schedule is flexible and can fit your business needs
  • All media tapes are kept in specific containers and transported by our own operations teams and vehicles
  • Disaster recovery procedures are in place to minimize system down time that have no time restriction
  • We provide round the clock services to ensure un-interrupted business

Media Management services enables the user to manage, track and reporting through Crown’s RSweb system.